Alibaba launches new server chip based on advanced 5-nanometer tech

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. have launched a new server chip on the basis of advanced 5-nanometer technology.


  • This marks a milestone in light of semiconductor self-sufficiency of China.
  • The newest chip was launched on the basis of micro-architecture provided by SoftBank Group Corporation, it is owned Arm Ltd.

Annual Cloud Summit

Alibaba, in the backdrop of its Annual Cloud Summit, highlighted that silicon will be put for using its own data centres in near future. It will not be sold for commercial purposes. The annual cloud summit will be held in Hangzhou.

About the server chip

  • Alibaba has customized the server chips is consistent with the ongoing efforts of boosting the computing capabilities with better performance and improved energy efficiency.
  • Chips will be used to support current and future businesses in the Alibaba Group ecosystem.

Why this new server chip was launched?

Alibaba has launched new server chip in the aftermath of increasing cloud services amid the covid-19 pandemic. Tech giants across the world are seeking more powerful and energy efficient semiconductors for gaining edge.

Significance of server chip

This server chip is the most advanced chip by a Chinese firm. With this launch, Alibaba has joined in global rivals like Amazon & Google in gradually replacing silicon from traditional chipmakers such as Advanced micro–Devices Inc. and Intel Corp.


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