Fugaku: World Fastest Supercomputer

A Japan based Supercomputer, Fugaku developed by Fujitsu and the Riken Research Institute has been named the fastest supercomputer in the world.


The fugaku has gained the top spot after beating out its Chinese and US counterparts. Also, it is the first Japanese super computer to gain the top position after 9 years.

This is the first time a supercomputer based on ARM processors has topped the list.


The Supercomputers are used to perform complicated tasks such as space explorations, weather forecasting, quantum mechanics and so on. They are implemented in the fields where specialized calculations are required.

ARM processor

ARM Processors are a family of CPUs that are based on RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) architecture. They are designed to perform smaller computer instructions so that they can operate at higher speed. They are capable of executing millions of instructions per second.

The ARM processors are generally used in smart phones, wearables and multi media players.


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