First train under ‘Bharat Gaurav’ scheme’

First Train under the “Bharat Gaurav Scheme” started from Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) to Shirdi (Maharashtra) by Indian Railways’ Southern Railway zone.


  • Bharat Gaurav Train started on June 14, 2022 from Coimbatore North to Sainagar Shirdi. It will reach Sainagar Shirdi on June 16, 2022.
  • 1100 passengers boarded the round-trip service from Coimbatore to Shirdi.
  • Private service is offered by Registered Service provider for itinerary comprising of five days.

Who is the registered service provider?

South Star Rail is the registered service provider. It is a Coimbatore-based company. It is a part of conglomerate group called Future Gaming & Hotel Services Pvt. Limited. It has paid Rs 1 crore as security deposit for Southern Railway, with a composition of 20 coaches. Company had paid Rs.27.79 lakh for annual right to Use charges as well as Quarterly fixed haulage charges of Rs.76.77 lakh. Apart from that, Variable haulage charges of Rs. 38.22 lakhs were also collected towards current round trip.

About Bharat Gaurav Scheme

  • This scheme was launched by Indian Government to tap the huge potential of Tourism in India.
  • Under it, trains have a third segment for tourism. Before this scheme was launched, Railways had goods segments and passenger segments.
  • These trains are not regular trains, and will run according to timetable.
  • It will run on the lines of Ramayana Express, which is being run by the IRCTC.
  • Scheme was announced under theme-based tourist circuit trains.

Who runs the trains under Bharat Gaurav Scheme?

Under the scheme, these trains are run by both private players and IRCTC.

What is theme-based tourism (circuits)?

By theme-based tourism, railways mean trains such as:

  • Guru Kripa, that goes to places related to Guru Nanak
  • Ramayan-themed train, that goes to places related to Lord Ram.



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