Festival of Libraries 2023

The Festival of Libraries 2023 is set to captivate bibliophiles and knowledge enthusiasts alike. Held on August 5th and 6th, this event promises an immersive experience, showcasing the diverse world of books, ideas, and cultural heritage. With free entry, the Ministry of Culture aims to create an inclusive platform that fosters a love for reading, celebrates libraries, and promotes intellectual exchange.

A Multitude of Activities

The Festival of Libraries 2023 offers an array of captivating activities that cater to different interests and age groups. Attendees can indulge in thought-provoking exhibitions, engaging book-author sessions, and enlightening workshops for children. These activities serve as a testament to the festival’s commitment to nurturing curiosity and imagination.

Creating Community “Drawing Rooms”

The long-term vision of the Ministry of Culture is to transform libraries into vibrant community spaces. By considering libraries as the “drawing rooms of community,” the ministry aims to emphasize their role in fostering intellectual and social connections. The festival serves as a stepping stone towards this goal, reinforcing the significance of physical libraries in an increasingly digital age.

Four Captivating “Drawing Rooms”

At the Festival of Libraries 2023, participants will have the opportunity to explore four unique zones, each offering a distinct experience. The book-author sessions zone will enable visitors to interact with renowned authors, gaining insights into their creative processes. In the digital displays zone, cutting-edge technology will bring books to life through immersive digital experiences. The podcasts zone will feature captivating audio narratives, showcasing the power of storytelling. Lastly, the Human Library Project will present living books, allowing attendees to engage in meaningful conversations with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Enriching Experiences for Children

The festival recognizes the importance of nurturing a love for reading from an early age. In the dedicated children’s zone, little ones will be captivated by storytelling sessions, indulge in the art of origami, create their own zines, and embark on exciting read-along adventures. These activities are designed to spark their imagination and instill a lifelong passion for reading.

Celebrating Heritage and Knowledge

The significance of the Rampur Raza library, renowned for its Indo-Islamic cultural heritage, will be highlighted during the festival. This year marks its 250th anniversary, offering a momentous occasion to commemorate its rich history and contributions to preserving cultural treasures.



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  1. Dr.Cajetan Coelho

    July 23, 2023 at 3:54 pm

    Libraries are Wisdom Banks. Happy Festival of Libraries 2023.


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