Exercise Desert Flag VIII

Exercise Desert Flag VIII is set to be organized from February 27 to March 17 this year. It is a multilateral air exercise involving the participation of UAE, France, Kuwait, Australia, the UK, Bahrain, Morocco, Spain, the Republic of Korea, and the US. It aims to bring about the interoperability of different fighter engagements and sharing of best practices of various Air Forces. UAE is hosting the exercise.

India at the Desert Flag Exercise VIII

The India Air Force Contingent, which is taking part in this exercise, includes 110 Air Warriors along with 5 LCA Tejas and two C-17 Globemaster III aircraft. This is the first time that LCA Tejas aircraft is included in an international flying exercise outside India. The Indian contingent recently arrived at the Al Dhafra airbase in UAE.

What is the objective of the Desert Flag Exercise?

To provide operational exposure to the participating soldiers. And also to train them to undertake operations in a controlled environment. The exercise provides different fighter engagements. Countries share their best practices during the exercise.

What is a Desert flag?

It is the flag that is fitted in front of off-road vehicles. It is widely used on dusty terrains. The flag is mounted on a pole so that it stands at a height and is visible above the sand cloud. The desert flags are also called the sand flags.

What is the significance of the Exercise Desert Flag?

The exercise helps the participating countries to test the performances of their armed forces. During military exercises, war-like scenarios are created. Soldiers get to brush their fighting skills with such scenarios. Joint military exercises will create good linkages between the countries that are participating. They will learn to safeguard their common interests. Indian Ocean Region is the common interest of all the participating countries. And most of the participants believe that China is the trouble causer in the region!



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