EU declared as ‘LGBT Freedom Zone’

The European Parliament has declared whole of the European Union as “LGBTIQ Freedom Zone” on March 11, 2021.


This symbolic resolution was passed in the answer to local authorities in Poland who were labelling themselves as “LGBT ideology-free zones” in recent times. Poland had also planned to close the loophole that allowed same-sex couples to adopt. But the Polish government announced its proposal to adopt the ban before the European Parliament passed the declaration to support the rights of LGBT.’

What was the issue?

In Poland, the same-sex relationships are not legally recognised. It has already banned the same-sex couples to adopt the children together. Though, single people are permitted to adopt the child, some of the same-sex couples had managed to overthrow the ban by applying to adopt the child as single parents.

What does the new law say?

The new law proposes that, now the authorities are required to perform background checks on anyone who are applying to adopt a child even as a single parent. The new law also prescribes that, if any person is found to apply as a single parent when they are in same-sex relationship, they will be treated as criminal.

About EU Resolution

The European Union resolution declares that the “LGBTIQ persons anywhere in European Union will enjoy the freedom to live and publicly show their sexual orientation & gender identity without any fear of intolerance, persecution or discrimination”. The resolution further adds that, the authorities at all the levels of the governance across the European union shall protect and promote the equality and fundamental rights of all including the LGBTIQ. This resolution was supported by 492 MEPs, 141 MEPs voted against it while 46 abstained from voting.


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