Discuss state monopoly under Article 19 (6) (ii).

Article 19 (6) (ii) enables the state to make laws for creating state monopolies either partially or complete in respect of any trade or business or industry or service. The state may enter into any trade like any either for administrative reasons, or with the object of mitigating the evils in the trade, or even for the purpose of making profits in order to enrich the exchequer. Article 19 (6) (ii) is a saving provision; its function is not to create

a power, but to immunize the exercise of legislative power falling its ambit from being attacked under Article 19 (1) (g). Article 19 (6) (ii) does not envisage that a State can carry on a trade only under its own law and not under a law made by Parliament. Parliament has power to create trading monopolies in the States under entry 21 in the Concurrent List.