Defence purchases from USA

India’s decision to buy American helicopters: MH-60 Romeo Seahawk, AH-64E Apache is being called the biggest takeaway from Trump’s visit to India.

  • What can MH-60 Romeo Seahawk helicopter be used for?

The MH-60 Romeo Seahawk helicopters are to be procured for the Indian Navy. It is used to track and hunt ships. It is an advanced naval helicopter capable of anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare. It is to enable India to increase its influence in the Indian Ocean region.

  • What can AH-64E Apache helicopter be used for?

The AH-64E Apache helicopters are capable of operating at high altitudes. They can be used in anti-tank warfare. It can shoot fire and forget missiles, air to air missiles and other munitions. It can also be used in electronic warfare. These are to be deployed along the Pakistan border.

  • How are the helicopters to be purchased?

The MH-60 Romeo Seahawk helicopters are to be purchased through the Foreign Military Sale (FMS) agreement with the US Department of Defence. The deal is expected to cost 2.2 billion USD. The Apache helicopters are to be procured via direct commercial sale and is expected to cost 800 million USD.

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