Yudh Abhyas 2014 concludes at Ranikhet

The Indo-US defence exercise titled Yudh Abhyas concluded near Ranikhet. The exercises, which commenced on September 17, were conducted in both Chaubbatia and Ranikhet. This edition of Yudh Abhyas, which lasted a total of 14 days, is the 10th of its kind that has been held. The joint exercise brought together troops from a Mountain Brigade of the Indian Army and Company and Brigade Headquarter of the US Army.


Yudh Abhyas first began in 2004 as part of USA’s Army Pacific Partnership Programme. This exercise aims to strength and broaden interoperability and defence cooperation between the two nations.

 Exercises conducted at Yudh Abhyas 2014

The two Armies shared their experiences on counter insurgency and counter-terrorist operations, especially in mountainous terrain. The exercises were planned in such a manner that during the initial days, the troops were familiarized with each other’s organizational structure, weapons, equipment and tactical drills. The troops then proceeded to joint tactical exercises which involved practicing battle drills of both armies. The exercises ended with a 48 hr consolidation and validation exercise in which troops of both countries carried out a search and destroy mission near Ranikhet. This last leg of the exercise was witnessed by senior officers and observers of both Armies

 Closing Ceremony

A parade and exchange of mementos marked the conclusion of the exercises.

 Instances of Bilateral exercises

India and US also engage in other bilateral defence dexercise. One notable instance is ‘Malabar’ which is a bilateral naval exercise that takes place in India and USA alternatively. Sometimes, a third nation is also asked to participate in the exercise. Cope India are a series of Air Force exercises conducted between India and USA on Indian soil. The exercises include flight tests, practice, demonstration and lecture on aviation and related areas. India has also participated twice in the Red Flag exercises that US conducts in Nevada and Alaska. Notably, the US conducts more military exercises with India than with any other nation in the world



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