WHO on Corona Virus: Virus is not yet pandemic

The World Health Organization on February 4, 2020 announced that the Corona virus disease has not yet become pandemic. The disease has so far killed 425 people and has infected more than 20,000. Hong Kong recently reported death due to the virus. It is the first country outside China to report death.


Though the disease spreads through sneezes, coughs and direct contact, the disease has not yet become pandemic.

What is Pandemic?

An Epidemic disease spread over a large region is pandemic. Currently, the WHO list of pandemics include HIV, 2009 flu, Spanish flu and H1N1. Previously small pox and Tuberculosis were also included under Pandemics. The most devastating pandemics in the world was Black Death that killed more than 100 million people in the world.

Possible Future Pandemics

According to WHO, the antibiotic resistant micro-organisms called the superbugs may re-emerge as possible pandemics.

WHO reports that more than 50 million people are infected with Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis. All of these cases are resistant to more than two to three antibiotics.




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