WHO – India Country Cooperation Strategy 2019 – 2023

The Country Cooperation Strategy (CCS) is a document of WHO that guides countries for a medium term. The cooperation supports the country’s national health policy, plan and strategy. The strategy generally identifies the country needs, gaps and required areas of strategic collaboration.

CCS for India 2019

The CCS for India is to achieve its health sector goals. It intends to bring about transformative change in the health sector by improving health of the people in the country. The Union Minister launched the WHO – India CCS for the years 2019 to 2023.


The strategy is basically built on India’s National Health Policy 2017 and Ayushman Bharat mission. The strategies have been identified in 4 areas of cooperation namely

  • Accelerating the progress of UHC
  • Identifying health determinants and promoting health and wellness by improving the determinants
  • Providing better health emergency services to protect the population
  • Enhancing India’s global leadership in health.

Other initiatives of India

For the past 5 years, India has been stressing the need to adopt healthy lifestyle. This has been done through mass yoga programs, Fit India movement, Eat right India movement, Poshan Abhiyan, etc. As compared to the schemes in the past that focused on providing sufficient food, recently the government is focusing on healthy food and diet. Various awareness campaigns are conducted to spread the importance of nutritious diet. Through Clean India Mission, the government intended to keep the disease causing germs away.



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