Vladimir Putin wins referendum

On July 1, 2020, Russia announced the results of the new referendum. The referendum introduced constitutional amendments. One of the most important amendments of these is the amendment that will allow the Russian President Vladimir Putin to contest for two more years.


The amendment now has paved way for the Russian President Vladimir Putin to contest and win elections till 2036.

Around 78% of the Russian population supported the referendum.

Vladimir Putin

Putin has served as President of Russia for 20 years now. He has been in power since 2012. Earlier he also served as President between 1999 and 2008. Putin has also been the Prime Minister of Russia between 1999-2000 and also between 2008-2012.


The amendments fall broadly in to three categories. They are as follows

Conservative Ideology
  • The amendment bans actions that are aimed at “expropriation” of Russian territory. Expropriation is the action of an authority or a state to take property from its owner for public use.
  • It aims to protect the truth of Great Patriotic war that was fought between 1941 and 1945
  • The protection of institution of marriage has been defined as union of man and a woman
  • Pensions are to be index-linked
  • Responsible attitudes towards animals are to be formed
  • Minimum wage shall not be less than subsistence minimum income
  • A person can hold presidency for two terms. The words “two consecutive terms” has been replaced.

Tenure of President of Russia

The President of Russia shall hold office for 6 years. The last presidential election was held in 2018. The next presidential election of Russia is due in 2024.

The amendment will allow President Putin to contest for two more terms and thus increases the chances of him remaining as President of Russia till 2036.




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