Veteran freedom fighter Ghelubhai Naik passes away

Veteran Gandhian and freedom fighter Ghelubhai Naik passed away in Dangs district of Gujarat. He was 90.
He was well-known for his social work and tribal development in Dangs district of Gujarat.
About Ghelubhai Naik

  • Being Gandhian and freedom fighter, he was close to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.
  • Following Gandhian principles, he started his social work in Dangs as the Sarvodaya worker in 1948.
  • He along with Chunilal Vaidya had set up Swaraj ashram in Dangs district for spreading the education among the tribal.
  • He also played important role in changing names of thousands of tribal people, who earlier beared names like Ravio, Thagio, Nariyo etc, in order to bring them in mainstream society.
  • His lifelong social work played key role in promoting education, de-addiction and spreading awareness about health and upliftment of Dangi tribe.



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