US says 2 years needed to identify the migrant kids

The Justice Department on Friday said that there are around 47000 cases of unaccompanied children. They were taken in to Government custody between July 1 2017 and June 25 2018.

Around 1000s of children were separated from their families in the border. This was halted by the judge in 2018. The Judge said that he could hold the government accountable for its actions. HE also asked the government to submit a proposal for its next steps. Till then the children were taken into government custody at the border separated from their parents.

In order to identify the kids, the administration is to roll out names of the kids randomly to the American Civil Liberties Union that sued to reunite families.

More than 2700 children that were taken under government control were reunited in June 2018. Later in January, the US Health and Human service Department reported that more than 1000s were separated in 2017.


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