North Eastern US continue to warm up and northwest to receive storm

A big temperature rise is expected to arise on Monday. The temperature is likely to be the highest in the Mid ”Atlantic parts and the parts of the Northeast. Temperature might get reduced around Boston, but still it will remain warmer.

The spring air is likely to keep the weather warm and ideal for outdoor activities. A quick ”moving storm is expected to bring showers and thunderstorms to the mid ”Atlantic.

A major storm will target US disrupting weather conditions in the middle of the week. The storm would first attack the western regions and will strengthen as it reaches the mid land. Heavy snow is likely to set up unfavourable climate in the west and northwest. Temperature might fall to 30 degrees Fahrenheit forcing the residents to shift to sleeves and sunglasses.

After pummelling the Rockies, the storm is to move north eastwards. The snow could extend as far as Kansas.

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