United Nations warns of “Hunger Crisis”

The United Nations recently has warned of “hunger pandemic” due to COVId-19. Apart from COVID-19, the other factors that are to contribute to the crisis include wars in Syria, crisis in Lebanon and desert locusts destroying crops in East Africa.


The COVID-19 outbreak according to the organization is to starve more than 130 million people. Also, the poor will be hit hard due to the decline in exports, tourism and collapse in oil prices. Also, there is a huge decline in foreign aid.

UN Predictions

The UN says that around 300,000 people are expected to lose their lives due to lack of food for a period of three months.

Need of the moment

The World Food Programme is currently in need of 1.9 billion USD in order to stockpile food in countries that are at risk of starving. If not addressed, there are possibilities of severe famines.

World Food Programme

The WFP is the food assistance branch of United Nations. It is the largest humanitarian organization that addresses hunger and promotes food security. It works to eradicate hunger and malnutrition. It was established in 1961.

The following are the objectives of WFP

  • To save lives during emergencies and protect livelihood
  • To support nutrition and food security to build livelihood in fragile regions of the world
  • To help countries in becoming self sufficient
  • To reduce inter-generational cycle of hunger
  • To achieve Zero-Hunger by 2030.




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