UK Organization to Conduct First-Ever British-Indian Census

The India League, a UK-based diaspora group which was established in 1916, announced the launch of a first-ever British Indian Census to collect data points around Britain’s estimated 1.5 million Indian-origin population. This will be conducted completely online in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

The census is expected to give a panoramic view of the Indian diaspora in the country along with their concerns and aspirations. The data will be available by the end of this year.


The British Indian community has changed drastically over the years and the current survey will provide with the much-needed data pertaining to the community of Indians. The survey is available online on the website of India League and it intends to explore the diversity of heritage, identity, beliefs and behaviour of the Indian community-based in the UK while identifying the key issues of concern for the community.

The survey will reach the Indians directly and plug the gap in order to illustrate the life of Indians in that country.

After this one, the census is planned to be held every two or three years to take stock of the situation of Indians in the country.

India League

The organization has been in existence even before the independence of India. They were actively involved in the freedom movement in the 1930s and 1940s. The organization has been revived now in order to cater to the Indians in Britain. The organization aims to make the voices of the Indians heard in the UK.




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