New tree frog genus named Frankixalus discovered in north-eastern India

Researchers have discovered a new genus of tree hole-breeding frogs named Frankixalus in the forests of northeast India and bordering parts of China.
It was discovered by team of researchers led by Professor Sathyabhama Das Biju who is popularly known as the frogman of India.
Key facts

  • The new genus has been named after Professor Franky Bossuyt of Brussel based Vrije Universiteit for his contribution in amphibian research.
  • Frog populations of this genus live in pools of water in the trunks of canopy trees especially in tree holes.
  • They live in low-resource environments which are common practice among frogs and tadpoles of these frogs eat their mother’s eggs for sustenance.

Findings in this regard have been published in a paper in the international journal PLoS One. It should be noted that this new genus includes species of frogs which were first described in 1876 based solely on museum specimens.



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