First translated version of Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita released in China

Translated Chinese version of Bhagavad Gita, a sacred ancient Indian scripture was released in China.
This is the first a well-known Hindu ancient religious text was published in China. The book was released by Indian Ambassador to China Ashok K Kantha during an international yoga conference.
It was translated in Chinese by Professor Wang Zhu Cheng and Ling Hai of Zhejiang University in Shanghai and was published by Sichuan People’s Publications.
The foreword for the book was written by K Nagaraj Naidu who had served as the consulate general at the Indian Consulate in Guangzhou city of China.
Some of India’s ancient are well-known in China. It includes ancient Buddhist scriptures which were introduced to them by celebrated Chinese traveler Huen Tsang after he had visited India in the 7th century.
Earlier in 2014, scholars from India and China published an Encyclopaedia on the age-old cultural contacts between both countries which had showcased their history to over 2000 years.




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