ANASIS II: South Korea Launches its First Military Satellite

South Korea has successfully launched its first-ever military communications satellite through the private operator, Space X. The launch is aimed at increasing the defence capabilities of the country.

The satellite, named as ANASIS II, is going to contribute towards the enhancement of the ability of the country to defend itself against nuclear-armed North Korea, which had invaded South Korea in 1950.

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) of South Korea has confirmed that a Falcon 9 rocket carrying the satellite blasted off from Cape Carnival Air Force Station in Florida. The launch operator, Space X, has also confirmed the same.

With this launch, South Korea is the 10th country in the world to own a military satellite and it is going to provide permanent and secured military communications. It will reach the expected height within two weeks and the military of South Korea will take over the whole system in October after rigorous testing.

All these steps are being taken by South Korea to defend itself from any attack by North Korea and the military capabilities are going to be improved so that the USA can command the authority over the combined forces of the USA and South Korea. The operational capabilities of the army are going to improve with this launch.




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