Second National-Level Plasma Bank Inaugurated in Tamil Nadu

The second national-level plasma bank was opened in Tamil Nadu with an estimated cost of Rs 2.34 crores and it has been inaugurated by the Tamil Nadu government on July 23. It is the second facility after the first one in New Delhi.


Tamil Nadu started conducting plasma therapy method on a trial basis and in the initial stage; four people in Madurai successfully underwent the process. Then the government took approval from the Indian Council of Medical Research to set up a national-level plasma bank in the state.

As per the standard procedure of waiting for 14 days before donating plasma, people can only donate after the stipulated duration only. Plasma will be separated from blood and can be stored for a period of up to one year.

Plasma therapy gained currency because of the basic idea that a person cured of COVID 19 has developed the immunity against the virus and the plasma taken from that person will be perfect to treat the newly affected patients so that the same level of immunity can be developed. Delhi started this in the country and now many states are coming up with this idea to treat the ever-increasing number of COVID 19 cases in the country.




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