Scientists oppose TECs recommendations of 10–year ban on field trials of GM crops

Scientists have opposed the recommendations made by the Technical Expert Committee (TEC) appointed by the Supreme Court of India which has recommended a moratorium of 10 years on all field trials of transgenic food crops and field trials of transgenics in those crops for which India is a centre of origin or diversity.

Why this opposition?

As per scientists opposing the suggestion, ban on the field trials and commercialization of transgenic crops could harm Indian farmers the most as they need to elevate production of food grains to meet the demands of increasing population with reduced availability of fertile land. As per them, TEC has exceeded its mandate and made many sweeping recommendations on diverse issues without bearing in mind the scientific rigor of the methods used in India which are similar to those in the most advanced countries. Scientists are of the opinion that interventions using GM technology will play a significant role in providing the necessary means to enable farmers to produce more using fewer resources.



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