Russia to start COVID-19 vaccine production in 2 weeks

Russia has declared that it is going to start the production for the COVID 19 vaccine, Sputnik V, within two weeks after registering it on August 12. This is the first-ever vaccine in the world to treat the deadly virus.

Details of Production

The vaccine developed by Gamaleya Institute and the Defence Ministry of the country will be first produced to meet the demands of the people of the country. Once the domestic demands are fulfilled, the government will start exporting it to other countries also. The government has also clarified that the doubts regarding the rigorousness of the trials are unfounded in this case since all the procedures have been followed properly.

Plans Ahead

Russia has planned to produce at least five million doses of the vaccine a month from December through January and the government is also in the process of giving permission to test the vaccine on the children as the developing institute has asked for such permission recently. That will also be the same as the one for the adults, but it will be administered in a different dosage, requiring additional testing before starting on a commercial basis.




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