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No Mask No Service Policy launched in Bangladesh

The Government of Bangladesh recently launched No Mask No Service Policy. Under the new policy, no services will be offered to the people who are not wearing masks. Highlights Under the new policy, no Bangladesh citizen will be allowed to enter offices without wearing masks. Also, all offices should install a notice board saying “No ..

Sputnik V Vaccine of Russia gets renewed approval for Clinical Trials in India

On October 17, 2020, the Directorate Control General of India renewed the approval of clinical trials of Sputnik V vaccine in India. The regulator has instructed the Russian Manufacturer of the vaccine to conduct all the phases of the clinical trials of the vaccines in India. This is because the phase I and phase II ..

EpicVacCorona: Second COVID-19 Vaccine approved by Russia

The Russian Authorities have approved a new COVID-19 vaccine called “EpicVacCorona”. It is a two shot vaccine. Key Highlights EpiVacCorona is a peptide-based vaccine. Sputnik V was the first vaccine developed by Russia. Russia is to conduct the vaccine trial of EpicVacCorona on 40,000 volunteers. Clinical Trials The first phase of the vaccine is to ..

ICMR to allow COVID-19 vaccines with 50% efficacy

The Indian Council for Medical Research approves COVID-19 vaccines with 50-100% efficacy. According to ICMR, no respiratory vaccines have 100% efficacy. Highlights According to the World Health Organization, a vaccine should have three things namely safety, efficacy and immunogenicity. Immunogenicity is the ability of a foreign substance to trigger the immune response. Guidelines The Central ..

What Immunization Programme Mechanism will GoI use to distribute COVID-19 vaccines?

The Government of India is to use the Universal Immunization Programme mechanism to distribute covid-19 vaccines in the country. This was announced by the Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan during his address in the Lok Sabha. Universal Immunization Programme Under the Universal Immunization Programme, the Government of India provides several vaccines to infants, pregnant women, ..