Russia enacts law banning undesirable NGOs

Russian government officially has enacted a law banning undesirable non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the country.
The law came into force after President Vladimir Putin signed the bill in this regard after it was passed by both houses of the Russian parliament.
The newly enacted law allows government authorities to

  • Prosecute foreign NGOs or firms designated as undesirable on national security grounds.
  • Individuals working for such NGOs could face up to six years in prison or fines.
  • Barr foreign NGOs employees from the country.
  • Ban Russian citizens or groups that have involvement or are engaged with such undesirable foreign NGOs.

The definition of undesirable in this case can be considered as threat to Russia’s defence capabilities or constitutional foundations.

  • Supporters of this enacted law consider it as a preventative measure which has become necessary after the wave of Western sanctions put on Russia in place over the Ukraine conflict and annexation of Crimean peninsula.
  • While, western critics think that the law gives powers to Russian authorities to impose the undesirable ban on NGOs without going to court.



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