Punjab Government makes super straw management mandatory

Punjab government has made attachment of super straw management system to combine harvester machines mandatory for harvesting paddy (rice) crop  in an attempt to check the dangerous trend of stubble burning. The instructions were issued under section 31 A of the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981.

Key Facts

These instructions are aimed at saving the environment from air pollution caused by stubble burning. The owners of combine harvesters desirous of undertaking harvesting of paddy in state will now have to attach super straw management system with the harvester combine.
Now, no harvester combine without functional super straw management system will be allowed to harvest paddy in Punjab. Super straw management system will be attached to self-propelled combine harvesters, which cuts paddy straw into small pieces and spread same. With this method, farmers are not required to burn paddy straw before sowing the next crop.



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