Projects along the line of Kerala’s Kaval program introduced

The state government of Kerala has introduced 2 more projects for offenders and victims under the POCSO Act in line with the successful Kaval program. Kaval is a project for rehabilitation of children in conflict with the law. The two new projects are:

  • For first time offenders: this project targets the first time offenders under POCSO of the 18 to 30 years age group. The project will provide psychosocial support for these offenders to prevent repeat offense and is in line with the government’s aim for an ‘offender free Kerala’. Since no skill training program exists at present for these offenders with shorter sentences and no bail options, the project will step in and provide legal aid, de-addiction, skill training and other services. The dependents of the accused will also be focused on.
  • For victims: the women and child development department is to identify the child victim at the police station and take up rehabilitation and reintegration process. The psycho-social issues of the victims will be assessed to formulate individual care plans. Direct interventions, reassessments and follow-ups will be used.


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