PRACRITI: IIT-Delhi develops dashboard to predict COVID-19 cases before 3 weeks

Researchers from IIT Delhi have developed web-based dashboard to predict the spread of COVID-19 in India. The dashboard has been named PRACRITI-Prediction and Assessment of Corona Infections and Transmissions in India.


The dashboard provides detailed district-wise and state-wise predictions of COVID-19. The dashboard provides basic reproduction number “R naught”. R0 is the number of people that the virus spreads to from a single infected person.

The dashboard provides R0 value for every district, state based on the data available from the National Disaster Management Authority, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and World Health Organization.

Hence, with the help of R0 value, future predictions of the spread of the disease can be obtained.

About the dashboard

The dashboard divides mathematical model into four classes namely exposed, susceptible, infected and removed. Susceptible are those people that are not exposed to the virus. Exposed are those people that are exposed to the infected person. Infected are those that are infected by the virus and removed are those that are no longer the carrier of the virus.


The dashboard will help in better governance of COVID-19. It will help governments to frame their policies.




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