PM Narendra Modi inaugurates Badarpur-Faridabad Metro

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Badarpur-Faridabad Metro in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR).
The metro corridor will connect the national capital with the satellite town and give impetus to economic growth in the region by fast transportation of people.
It is also first environment-friendly metro in Indian as all the stations and depot have been equipped with solar power plants.

Badarpur-Faridabad Metro Corridor

  • It is the 14 kilometre long corridor and has nine stations from Sarai (Delhi) to Escorts Mujesar.
  • It is an extension of the presently operational ITO-Badarpur section of the Delhi Metro.
  • Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is nodal agency in implementing this corridor and has been built at an estimated cost of 2500 crore rupees.
  • Environment-friendly railway stations: The corridor is equipped with solar power generation facilities in all stations and depots to generate nearly 2 megawatt power.
  • Ridership capacity: on the corridor is estimated to be around two lakh per day and help to shift a major portion of the road users to this mode of transport.
  • It will also help to tackle the rush from satellite town as five to six coach-trains will be in service daily.



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