Kochi Water Metro Project

The Kochi Water Metro Project is a ferry transport project. It provides feeder service to the suburbs. With this Kochi has become the first city in India to launch water metro project. About the Project The project is operated by ..



What is LiDAR Technique?

Context in Current Affairs: The Indian Railways is to use LiDAR technique to conduct ground survey for the Delhi Varanasi High Speed Rail corridor. LiDAR is Light Detection and Ranging technique. What is the plan? The Indian Railways is to ..


Agra Metro Project

Agra Metro Project consists of two corridors with a total length of 29.4 km. It connects famous tourist attractions like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Sikandra etc., with railway stations and bus stands. Its construction work is to be inaugurated by ..


Traffic Index 2018

The Traffic Index 2018, published by TomTom, a company offering traffic solutions, has ranked 403 cities across 56 countries. The index is based on the amount of time drivers spend on the road, and it factors in peak hours, accidents, ..

GST council reduces Tax rates on Housing

The GST council has decided to slash the tax rate on under-construction residential properties and the affordable housing projects category. Decision of GST council The GST council has reduced the GST rate for under construction from the present 12 per ..


I-METROS launched by Government of India (GoI) as an association of all-India metro rail companies

P K Sinha, the Union Cabinet Secretary , has launched “I-METROS” an association of all Indian Metro Rail companies at the Conference on “Indian Metros: Collaborating for Excellence” in Metro Bhawanhere on March 8. The platform will be a forum ..