Pilibhit Tiger Reserve receives first TX2 International Award for doubling its population

The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve and the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department bagged the first international award TX2. The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve was awarded for doubling its number of tigers in four years. The target set was to double the numbers in ten years. The target was set by the partners of the award in 2010. The partners are Global Tiger Forum, United Nations Development Programme, Conservation Tiger Standards and Lion’s Share.

None of the other thirteen tiger range countries could success in doubling the big cat population within a span of ten years.

Why was Pilibhit Tiger Reserve chosen for the award?

The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve was chosen based on the Tiger Census conducted by the National Tiger Conservation Authority in 2018. According to the census, the reserve has 57 tigers. Around 40 tigers have grown in a short span of four years. This was the main reason to consider the tiger reserve for the award.

What are the thirteen Tiger Range countries?

There are thirteen tiger range countries where the tigers still roam around freely. The criteria of “roam around freely” is important because tigers need huge territories. A male tiger will require 60 to 100 square kilometres and a tigress will require 20 square kilometres. Of all the tigers in the world, the Siberian tigers have the largest range. Its territories span more than 10,000 square kilometres.

The tiger range countries are India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Russia, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Nepal

Global Tiger Day: July 29

Every year, the Global Tiger Day is celebrated on July 29.

Tiger Census

According to the Tiger Census of India, there are 2,967 tigers in the country. This has increased by 33% as compared to that of 2014. The tigers in India have been increasing at a rate of 6% per annum since 2006. Of all the states, Madhya Pradesh has the highest number of tigers followed by Karnataka and Uttarakhand.




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