Pakistan against India’s move to fill dam Nimoo-Bazgo dam

Pakistan is against India’s move to fill the Nimoo-Bazgo dam in Jammu and Kashmir, worrying it could slash Islamabad’s share of water from the Indus River.

Nimoo-Bazgo is a hydro-electric project near Alachi village in Leh district. It has power generation capacity of 45 MW.

As per an inquiry done by Water and Power Development Authority secretary Muhammad Imtiaz Tajwar, Pakistan’s former Indus Waters Commissioner Jamaat Ali Shah is responsible for the delay in the issue and losing the opportunity to take the Nimoo-Bazgo project with a neutral expert or a court of arbitration. The report makes Shah responsible for falling short to establish how India had managed to secure carbon credits for the Nimoo-Bazgo project. It held that Shah could not collect documentary evidence regarding accumulation of carbon credits by India during the probe. Countering this, Pakistan blames late response of India with the project details, despite reminders.



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