US opens probe against Indian IT giants TCS, Infosys for H1B visa violations

United States (US) government has opened an investigation against two of the biggest Indian Information Technology (IT) outsourcing companies for possible violations of H1-B visa rules.  The two IT giants are Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Infosys.
The investigation is being carried by US Department of Labour for against both companies for possible violations of rules for visas for foreign technology workers under contracts they held with an electric utility Southern California Edison.
US Department of Labour investigation move comes after the power company had recently had laid off more than 500 technology workers from US. These laid off workers were made to train their replacements who were immigrants on the temporary work visas brought in by the Indian firms.
Prior to this, around 250 employees at entertainment giant Walt Disney were laid off and replaced with Indians holding H1B visas.



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