National Green Tribunal bans diesel vehicles older than 10 years in Delhi

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on 7 April 2015 held that all diesel vehicles heavy or light which are more than 10 years old will not be permitted to ply in Delhi and NCR.
The judgment was given by bench headed by NGT Chairman Justice Swatanter Kumar on a petition filed by Vardhaman Kaushik who had contended that the level of particulates in Delhi is raising manifold.
NGT bench held that

  • Diesel is prime source of air pollution in Delhi. The current situation is so alarming that people have been advised to leave Delhi due to adverse effects on health.
  • Numbers of countries like Brazil, China, and Denmark etc are in the process or have prohibited diesel vehicles. They have achieved it by imposing stringent taxes on the vehicles.
  • Certain stringent measures need to be taken to ensure that residents of Delhi do not travel closer to ill-health with each breath they take.

In this regard, tribunal bench directed the Transport department of Delhi government and other concerned authorities to prepare a comprehensive data of registration of all such vehicles which are 10 or more years old.
Earlier in November 2014, NGT had banned all the petrol vehicles over 15-year old in Delhi and NCR.



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