Myanmar Govt and armed groups signed agreement for National Ceasefire Agreement (NCA)

A framework agreement has been signed by the Myanmar government and ten armed ethnic groups to implement the National Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) in the capital city of Myanmar, Nay Pyi Taw.

Key Highlights

  • The signing of the agreement called Union Peace Accord III took place during the 4th session of the Union Peace Conference.
  • The agreement has also intended to implement a framework for various processes and principles to set up a democratic federal union.

What is the Union Peace Accord III?

It is an agreement to implement the National Ceasefire Agreement that contains 15 provisions i.e. deployment of troops, guideline protocol to control clashes between government troops and the armed groups.

What is the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement?

The Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement is a ceasefire agreement between the government of Myanmar and ethnic armed organizations, that was signed in October 2015 by the 8th President of Myanmar, Thein Sein. The talks to formulate a  political peace process have been active since 2016.




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