MPEDA to upgrade 25 fishing harbours in India

The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) will modernize 25 fishing harbours in India. The project is to begin in two harbours namely Nizampatnam in Andhra Pradesh and Thoppumpady in Kochi, Kerala.


The step is being taken by MPEDA to increase value of marine products. The value of marine products in India is currently around 5% as compared to 50% in South East Asian countries.

Corona Virus Concern

The current Corona Virus has not affected the sea food industry to great level. This is because, it is restricted to Wuhan province of china. However, it has affected the discussions on White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV). High level Indian delegates were to travel to China to discuss WSSV. The discussion has been postponed.

India-China Sea Food

The Indian Exports of sea food to China was around 1 billion USD (November 2019). However, it declined due to the WSSSV issues.


The MPEDA has set a target to touch 10 billion USD of exports by 2022.




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