The Ministry of Defence recently signed an agreement with the Bharat Electronics Limited to supply ten LYNX U2 GFCS.

What is LYNX U2 GFCS?

It is a Naval Gun Fire Control System. It has been designed to track and engage targets amidst sea clutter. It can accurately track air and surface targets. Also, it can generate required target data to predict weapon aiming points. The target engagement is done using Russian A190, AK176 and AK630.

The Gunfire Fire Control System is designed with open and scalable architecture that permits simple and flexible implementation in different configurations.

How long has LYNX U2 GFCS been in service in the Indian Defence Force?

It has been in service in Indian Navy for more than two decades now. It has been meeting tactical requirements in the Indian Navy meeting the requirements of Indian Naval ships of different classes such as frigates, destroyers, missile boats, corvettes.

Where will the LYNX U2 GFCS being acquired from BEL be deployed?

The ten LYNX U2 GFCS being acquired from BEL is to be installed on Naval Offshore Patrolling Vessel Talwar and Teg class of ships.

What are the main features of LYNX U2 GFCS?

The system has servo and weapon control modules, tracking radars. It ensures maximum up-time. The current LYNX U2 GFCS proposed in the contract is of the fourth generation and is completely indigenized.

What is the aim of GoI in regard to the current LYNX U2 GFCS?

The LYNX U2 GFCS is to be acquired from BEL. This is developed in true spirit of Atma Nirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India). India has been trying to increase its domestic defence production lately. The agreement will help India in increasing its domestic production.

What is cost of LYNX U2 GFCS?

All the ten Lynx U2 Gun Fire control System are to be purchased from Bharat Electronics Limited at a cost of Rs 1,355 crores. It is to be purchased under Buy (Indian) Category.




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