Australia makes changes to its National Anthem

The Australian Government recently announced certain changes to its National Anthem “Advance Australia Fair”.

What were the changes made to Australian National Anthem?

The second line of the National Anthem has been changed from ‘For we are young and free’ to ‘For we are one and free.’

What was the issue with the National Anthem of Australia?

The Australian National Anthem, “Advance Australia Fair” was written in 1878. It became official National Anthem of Australia only in 1984. According to the critics, the words “for we are young and free” destroy the 50,000 years of history of Australia. The word young imply that the Australian history started only with Colonisation. Accordingly, it is believed that the national anthem celebrates British colonisation. This is unacceptable by the indigenous communities of the island nation who till date celebrate Australia Day as Invasion Day.

What is Australia Day?

The Australia Day is celebrated on January 26. It marks the date when the “First Fleet” sailed into Sydney in 1788. This fleet carried troops from Britain.

When was the last change made to the Australian National Anthem?


Who composed Australian National Anthem?

The National Anthem of Australia was composed by Peter Dodds McCormick.

Who are the indigenous people of Australia?

The indigenous people make up to only 2.4% of the Australian population. The indigenous population of Australia is made of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

What are the other issues with the National Anthem of Australia?

The National Anthem is also criticised for its fourth line of the anthem. That is, the fourth line, “Our Home is girt by sea”. This line is criticised for using the word “Girt”. According to the critics the word is archaic and impossible to understand.

What was the previous National Anthem of Australia?

Prior to “Advance Australia Fair”, “God Save the Queen” was the national anthem of Australia. It was the national anthem in number of Commonwealth realms and British Crown dependencies. The commonwealth realms were sovereign states that had Elizabeth II as its Head of the state.


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