Kudankulam plant gets clearance for second heat-up

The first unit of 2,000-MW Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu was given clearance by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board for the second heat-up. It is expected that the plant could go critical (start the fission process) around December 24, when Russian President Vladimir Putin is due to arrive here for the 13th annual India-Russia summit.

Achievement of criticality is the major next-to-last step before a nuclear power plant goes on stream. After it is achieved, some more tests would be conducted and then the plant would be ready to generate power. Generation would be scaled up in phases interspersed with tests.

The Kudankulam Plant:

  • Built with Russian collaboration
  • Consists of two units of 1,000 MW each
  • Russia provided all equipment including the reactor pressure vessel, steam generators and turbines, and will supply the fuel for the entire life of the reactors.
  • Uses light water both as coolant and moderator.



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