Israel successfully tests Arrow ballistic missile interceptor

Israel has successfully tested Arrow ballistic missile Weapon System as part of its defence upgradation measures in the face of regional threats.
The missile system has been jointly developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and the US aviation giant Boeing.
Key facts

  • Arrow 3 is the top-tier system in Israel’s missile shield arsenal. It is more powerful compared to country’s lowest-tier defence is the short-range Iron Dome interceptor.
  • It provides exo-atmospheric interception of ballistic missiles i.e. designed to shoot down missiles above the atmosphere.
  • It can hit targets in space that are meant to simulate a nuclear or chemical weapon that could be launched from Iran, Syria or Hezbollah.
  • The Arrow ballistic missile project was first launched in 1988 by US as part of the then Star Wars programme and was abandoned in 1993.



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