Iran and six world powers extend deadline for nuclear talks

The deadline to reach a comprehensive agreement for a Iran’s Nuclear Programme deal with six world powers i.e. P-6  or P-5 +1 countries has been extended to the end of June, 2015 after recent talks in Vienna, Austrian failed.
P-6 countries include the five permanent members of the UN Security Council viz., USA, Russia, China, UK, France and non- permanent member Germany.
Failure in the talks came after intensive five-day diplomatic push in Vienna involving the foreign ministers of Iran, the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany.
It is the second extension this year as Iran and P-6 nations failed to reach any agreement over Iran’s Nuclear Programme deadlock.
Now they have agreed to extend discussions, with the aim of reaching a high-level political agreement by 1 March, 2015 and confirming the full technical details of the agreement by 1 July, 2015.
Summary Background
There is decade long deadlock between Iran and Western countries over the issue of Iran’s Nuclear Programme and safety concerns of uranium enrichment.

  • Western Countries allegations: Western countries especially US is alleging Iran, that their Nuclear Programme may be used by them to produce enriched uranium to develop nuclear warheads.
  • Iran’s response:  However, Iran has refused the allegations of western countries and has clearly mentioned that it is its sovereign right to continue its nuclear programme to their energy demand. Even they had mentioned that their Nuclear programme is completely peaceful and not for defence purpose.

P-6 countries want Iran to reduce its uranium enrichment programme to make sure it cannot produce nuclear warheads.



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