Internet Explorer to retire in June 2022

Microsoft recently announced that Internet Explorer 11 desktop browser will be retired on June 15, 2022, for some versions of Windows 10. However, Internet Explorer-based websites and applications will continue to work on new Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer) mode till 2029.

Why explorer is retiring?

Microsoft is retiring Internet Explorer (IE) because it has been working over “Microsoft Edge with IE mode” to replace Internet Explorer 11 desktop application. Microsoft edge will help in providing more secure, faster and modern browsing experience. Compatibility issues related with Internet Explorer based websites and applications will also be resolved.

Which system will be affected by retirement of IE?

According to Microsoft; MSHTML (Trident) engine, Windows 10 LTSC and Server Internet Explorer 11 desktop applications will not be affected by retirement of IE. Windows 7 Extended Security Updates, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Server- both SAC & LTSC etc will continue having IE 11 desktop application.

Significance of Microsoft Edge with IE mode

  1. It is more secure, faster, and modern.
  2. It is built on Chromium project.
  3. It provides dual-engine support for modern as well as legacy Internet Explorer-based websites.
  4. It extends supports to ActiveX controls.

Why Microsoft Edge is being preferred?

  1. It enables users to enjoy modern features such as browser tab management including Sleeping tabs feature, Vertical tabs, Edge Collections for favourites etc.
  2. It enhances browser security against malware or phishing attacks by issuing security patches.

About Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer was launched in 1995 by Microsoft. It is a web browsers operating on Windows.




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