Govt to set up National Mission on use of Biomass

Union Ministry of Power has announced to set up a ‘National Mission on use of Biomass’ in coal based thermal power plants. This decision was taken to address issue of air pollution caused due to farm stubble-burning.

National Mission on use of Biomass

  • Mission will reduce carbon footprints of thermal power generation.
  • It will also help in energy transition across the country and help in fulfilling the aim of establishing cleaner energy sources.
  • Level of co-firing from present five percent to higher levels will also be increased in order to get higher carbon-neutral power generation from thermal power plants.
  • Mission will facilitate platform to overcome constraints in supply chain of biomass pellets and agro- residue including its transportation to power plants.
  • It will consider regulatory issues in biomass co-firing.
  • Mission will also contribute in National Clean Air Programme

Steering Committee

Mission will be administered by Steering Committee which is headed by Power Secretary consisting of all stakeholders, representatives from Petroleum and New & Renewable Energy Ministries.

National Clean Air Programme (NCAP)

NCAP was launched by government to tackle air pollution problem across India in a comprehensive manner. It seeks to achieve 20% to 30% reduction in Particulate Matter concentrations by 2024. It has kept 2017 as base year to compare concentration.


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