India US to sign deal on Science and Technology

The Union Cabinet on October 24, 2019 approved the proposal for Agreement on Science and Technology Cooperation between India and USA.


  • The countries will share scientific and technical information and experts
  • They will convene seminars and meeting
  • The agreement would enable cooperation between the countries in training the scientists and experts according to the requirements.
  • They will conduct cooperative research projects
  • The countries will establish science and innovation-based public-private partnerships.


  • As the countries will leverage complementary strengths spurred by a significant convergence of mutual interests in science and technology, it will open new chapters in bilateral relations.
  • It will also provide opportunities to promote high impact innovative partnerships
  • The agreement will help to broaden and expand relationships between extensive scientific and technological communities.


Both India and US have good cooperation in terms of science. The space organizations of the countries ISRO and NASA have several information exchanging programs. Similarly, the defence sector of the countries are also cooperative in terms of technology transfer and in safeguarding the Indo-Pacific region. The agreement therefore will help to boost the existing cooperation between them.




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