India, South Africa renew science and technology cooperation pact

India and South Africa have renewed an agreement to extend cooperation in the various fields of science and technology such as astronomy, social innovation, biotechnology, agriculture and indigenous knowledge systems.
It was renewed by signing Fourth Programme of Cooperation during the 10th Joint Committee meeting on Science and Technology Cooperation between both nations held in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Now the signed agreement will extend for the next three years i.e. till 2018. It should be noted that in 1995 both nations had signed a bilateral agreement in the field of science and technology.
During these 20 years of successful science and technology cooperation both nations had undertaken 74 joint research projects in various areas and played important role in important strategic role in South-South cooperation.
They successful science and technology cooperation was undertaken in areas such as information science, biotechnology, astronomy, technologies for rural applications, food science, nanotechnology, indigenous knowledge systems and renewable energy.



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