India ranked 5th in CDP 2019 Report

The annual report on carbon reduction activities, Carbon Disclosure Project 2019 report was released by the London based global non-profit organization CDP Worldwide Company. To evaluate the risks related to climate change, the report surveys the commitments of the corporate business globally towards the science-based target (SBT).  As per the report, 25 companies committed to science-based targets in alignment with the Paris Agreement by December 2018.  The report has ranked countries as per their responsibilities taken by the corporate business towards carbon reduction. The United States has been ranked at the top spot in this year’s report with 135 companies addressing climate-related issues, followed by Japan (83 companies), United Kingdom (78), France at 4th place and India at the 5th place with 38 companies. A total of 58 Indian companies have disclosed their environment-related activities at the time of survey to the organization. The report also stated that 98 percent of Indian companies have now formed committees in order to address issues related to climate change.



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