India ranked 12th in Global Diplomacy Index 2019

Global Diplomacy Index 2019 by the Sydney-based Lowy Institute covers 61 countries, 724 cities and 7316 Diplomatic Posts based on there expanding diplomatic relations and network around the world.

A total of 4846 Embassies/High Commissions, 1886 Consulates/Consulates General, 373 UN permanent Mission, and 211 other representations were covered by the Index.

Detailed Analysis of India’s ranking :

India has been ranked 12th in the 2019 Index, with 123 Embassies/High Commissions, 54 Consulates/Consulates General, 5 UN permanent Mission, and 4 other representations.

In Asia, India has been ranked 3rd whereas among G20 nations India ranked 11th in the Index.

In Asia, China ranked 1st, followed by Japan at 2nd and India in 3rd place.


In 2017 Index- India has improved its ranking from the previous Global Diplomacy Index of 2017 by one place in all three categories.

India was ranked 13th in 2017 globally, 12th among G20 nations, and 4 in Asia.

India has been ranked over South Korea in all the three categories Global, G20 and in Asia in the 2019 Global Diplomacy Index.



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