India raises its share in world market capitalisation

As per Bloomberg data, India accounted for 2.60% of world market capitalisation in June 2021.


  • India raised its share in world market capitalisation as compared with long-term average of 2.45%.
  • In May 2020, India’s share had dropped to 2.05% when first wave of coronavirus had affected the global equity markets. However, since then, equity share has been rising.
  • India’s market-capitalisation increased to 66% in one year to $3.02 trillion in June 2021. It outpaced the 44% growth in global market-capitalisation.
  • India has been outperforming global growth in market-capitalisation for five years annually at the rate of 14.7%, against 13.25%.
  • Indian equities have delivered a return of 49% in past one year.

What is Market Capitalisation?

Market capitalization is commonly called as market cap. It is the market value of outstanding shares of publicly traded company. It is equal to share price multiplied by number of shares outstanding. Market cap can be used as an indicator of public opinion of net worth of company as outstanding stock is bought and sold in public markets. It also acts as a determining factor in some forms of stock valuation.

Publicly Traded Company

Publicly Traded Company, also called as Public Company, is a publicly held company & publicly listed company. It is a company whose ownership is organized by shares of stock which is freely traded on stock exchange or in over-the-counter markets. Such companies can be listed on stock exchange to facilitate trade of shares.




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