Top 10 Science & Technology Current Affairs Questions – April, 2021

  1. ‘CACTus and CIISCO’ are the software launched by the Department of Science and Technology, associated with which field?

Answer: Solar Mission

  1. Which telescope captured the M 87 black hole with its magnetic fields?

Answer: Event Horizon Telescope

  1. Researchers of which Indian institution have developed touch-sensitive, tactile, haptic watch for assisting visually impaired people?

Answer: IIT Kanpur

  1. What is “Ingenuity”, which is in news recently?

Answer: NASA’s Mars Helicopter

  1. Which cryptocurrency exchange, has launched NFT (non-fungible tokens) marketplace for Indian artists and creators?

Answer: WazirX

  1. Xenobots, which were seen in the news recently, are robots developed from the stem cells of which organism?

Answer: Frog

  1. A massive data leak has been witnessed by which social networking giant, recently?

Answer: Facebook

  1. What is the name of ‘Extremely luminous cores of distant galaxies that are powered by supermassive black holes?

Answer: Quasars

  1. What is the name for the experiment, in which Scientists from Singapore attach electrodes to a Venus flytrap plant?

Answer: Robo Plant Experiment

  1. With reference to astronomy, what is ‘Osiris’, that was seen in the news recently?

Answer: Exo-Planet


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