India is now the Fastest Growing COVID 19 Hotspot

India has now become the epicentre of the COVID 19 pandemic since it has now shown the fastest growth rate in the world with around 20% increase in a week. The total number of cases in the country has already crossed 1.4 million confirmed cases, as reported by Bloomberg’s Coronavirus Tracker.

The total infections have touched a whopping 1.43 million including the fatality of more than 30000. India is only trailing the US and Brazil in the total number of confirmed infections, but its growth in the fresh cases is the fastest.

Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are among the states where the maximum number of COVID 19 cases is being reported. India is beefing up its testing capacity also with more than 5 lakh testing taking place now in the country. But still, along with Brazil, India has the world’s lowest testing rates with 11.8 tests per 1000 people, compared to the US with 152.98 tests per 1000 people and Russia with 184.34 tests per 1000 people.




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